Thursday, February 4, 2010


Lets have a look at the field plans for last weekends Red Dynasty Rookie Challenge. I worked on something simple rookie players can follow bearing in mind that it will be a quick game and everyone is shooting mechanical house markers.

The break for me is always very important because it was all about getting into the right bunkers to control the game from the start.

I knew that most teams were going to go for the 50s car wash and I was confident that the dorito guy could catch their guy entering the car wash. My game plan was to send somebody straight into the Dorito to cut off the guy running into the car wash. I was right and on the day, there were so many clean shots going into the car wash. Shooting the Car wash is an easy kill and a must do - it was frustrating to see people missing the free kill on the way in.

There were 2 lanes from the back line and they were not far to get out to shoot the lane. I didn't really see anyone getting shot from these lanes but the feed back was the shots were effective going from baseline to baseline.

Lane 1 was aiming for the guy going into the can and Lane 2 was aiming to cut the guy running to the doritos. There was a huge blind spot around Lane 1 - our guy could squat in there and neither corners can see him.

If we missed the lanes on the break - the zones would be Dorito guy in 1 has to kill the car wash and look across at the can. A lot of guys kept worrying about their mirror and missed easy kills in the car wash and cross can. He didnt have to worry about his mirror because no dorito made across to bunker because the Can at 2 or the Can at 3 would protect Dorito 1.

If we made it into the snake - the snake's first job was to blow away the car wash and then look across at the can.

The main game plan was based on setting up crosses. The best cross is the ones in black the Left Can crossing up with the Dorito. And the yellow lines form the secondary cross. Some teams didnt see these cross zones and kept switched guns around in reaction to the opposition's positions. If a team was disciplined and maitained these crosses there was no way they were going to get through.

My Obsevations on the day
It was annoying to see guys getting into the doritor and then yelling "carwash!" IF you can see him SHOOT HIM- if you were running with your gun up all you had to do was to pull the trigger. And then instead of concentrating on killing the CW and the Can on the cross- the dorito guy switches around to his mirror or start to look for things to shoot at. This is a Big rookie mistake- his immediate job is to shoot the CW and the Can which is right there for him to shoot out NOT look around for things to shoot at.

There were times when "snake 1" was called out and NO ONE bothered to check the snake guy. It was incredible that everyone just did whatever they liked and let their snake just go up and killed everyone. Everyone was busy shooting and looking out on their strong hands- right side. There has to be someone looking at the snake and shooting the snake at all times until he walks out.

80% of the teams were breaking out shooting on their strong hands their right hand- which meant half the team were using their wrong hand from the start. Those who were running to the left side were shooting with their wrong hand.

Most of the guys who got into the carwash didnt know what to do this happens alot in D3 in MPOC too. They weren't really effective as killing machines but more slowed the other side's advance.

If you're going to get into the Car Wash or the M in the 50s your primary job is to cut out their dorito or snake. The 50s guy's lifespan is short- once they figure out you're there they have several options and all the time to to nail you- while you're a sitting duck in there. So either you shoot their forwards out as soon as you get there or you're the first turkey on the field.

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