Friday, November 6, 2009


Greg Pauley modeling the new VICIOUS practice jersey by Empire. VICIOUS was always going to get a 'proper' pro jersey for their debut Pro season and I guess they're going to go with KEE's Empire brand. I must say I am a little bit disappointed they went to Empire instead of Eclipse. I was hoping they would go with Eclipse since they have always been an Eclipse team or at least get something customised by Animal. There is still hope yet I guess since this has been classified a 'practice' jersey

Still- its nice to see the FURIOUS logo on a PRO Team.
I gotta say I am really happy and proud for Matt and Furious Paintball because next year in 2010 we'll have 2 teams in Pro Division with VICIOUS in PSP and EXPLICIT in NPPL. Its been a while and Furious came from the outside to finally get on a Pro Team.

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vijil said...

Gotta agree with you there, Empire make some nice stuff but completely fail at pro jerseys in every regard. Good thing it's only a practice jersey.