Monday, November 30, 2009


“The next president and his/her committee members cannot be seen regularly going across the causeway play paintball. That will make a mockery of his/her office as a promoter of paintball in Singapore.”

– anonymous quote in the forums on the next President of the PBAS - Paintball Association of Singapore.


Anonymous said...

I disagree... I feel that in a way, to be a president/committee, you have to be involved and experienced in the field you have chosen...

And since Singapore has a very brief and short history in paintball, its only logical that the committee gets their experience overseas (ie. Malaysia).

Mockery is made just cos the ppl who made it do not fully understand our plight..

Its basically a chicken and egg theory.. To train there and be "mocked" or to stay here and never gain experience and respect for that matter to actually chair the committee..

Also, define "regularly".. What's regular to you might not be regular to the other person.. To each his own.. I'm sure we all will get along fine..

Too much politics have screwed things up for too long.. Transparency is best but in moderation too..

I hope support from the players themselves would be enough... Its time to shut the fuck up and actually play some ball.. Politics suck and ppl bickering abt a common interest sucks more..

the grifter said...

i agree with u sharkill. less politics. more action!