Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Look 'n Learn- XSV's new gear

XSV have gone back to their original goggles the JT Proflex Keith has the limited edition blue bandana frames. Check out the new XSV REDS pants Keith Bowman is wearing and the REDZ bottle cover and fingerless gloves.

Wait a minute... TT's got a NXe "Strange" edition barrel sock! What's going here....?!

XSV are shooting blue SLs with REDZ Pepper Sticks.
AND check out underneath the custom bandana yellow Vlocity (I know where to get one with the matching goggle frame) - its got a friggin RIP DRIVE!! Its custom made for them.

Check out the XSV REDZ Harness on Thomas Taylor.

That new speedfeed with the extra lip around the side- is not working well for TT - it popped in the snake. TT's got a Rip drive under his Vlocity too.

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Anonymous said...

what the crap! i bought a grillz because thats what thomas used... "dad we needa go to the paintball store quickly"!