Monday, April 28, 2008

Mark "Fraige"

Tonight I had a great time watching Mark "Fraige" joining the "3 kills Club" by running up the right side and bunkering shooting out all 3 guys in one move. It was brilliant - the play of the day if not the week.

Mark also taught me something - when you're playing with newbies- they're all going to be shooting on their right side- so if you pull a run thru on their left flank- they wont see you coming till its too late and you get to shoot them all in the back. Brilliant move by Mark. This guy has raw talent to make the move and the speed to make the kills. Good on you Mark.

And we celebrated Kiko's birthday with ice cream cake- it was nice to throw him a small party after everyone had left. Kino's been here over a month now away from his family - so I guess we're his "family" here. It was nice of Ben and Jane to get him a cake. I swear Kiko cried.. hhahaha?


Anonymous said...

Kiko had tears in his eyes for sure!

CALGAR said...

fo shizzle