Sunday, April 13, 2008

PB Tournaments..

Paintball tournaments popping up all over the place.

If you're an organiser of a tournament - the trick is - to get people to come to your tournament without making it seen like you are getting me to "play" just so you can suck my money from me.

So if you're going to allow me to shoot on "ramping mode" and charge me RM190+ per box I can smell the con from a mile away.

Lumping all teams into one division having to play all other teams from D1 and D2 is is pure stupidity and a waste of my time. Its clear that you are too lazy to seperate teams into proper divions and you only want me to come and make up the numbers and buy a few boxes of paints and get whacked by the senoir teams during the prelim rounds.

Plus the fact the venue is like friggin in the middle of no where- in a place not known for any paintball activity. Despite the RM1000 sponsorship carrot dangled- I'm not at all keen to be sucked into traveling that distance to be cannon fodder.

As for the other tournament closer to singapore - well. Nice try - I admit I would have liked to bring up a team to play but its a week after MPOC and shit man talk about bad timing. I would have like to play in D4 with a couple of newbies who don't own markers but you only allow one D3 player in the line up. Well that rules me/us out- however I am determined to come up with a couple of D3 and play in your mech division. fudge the rules man - if you want more teams to come up to play- you have to accomondate them.

What I really would like to play in is my home town tournament which is in Kuching- they had their first speedball tournament in March 1st-2nd. I will try to make up a team and play in their second leg.

So if you're going to ask me to play in your tournament- please think from my point of view- is it worth my money and time and would I travel 500km to some place to be whacked by teams from higher divisons?

'fraid not

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