Thursday, April 10, 2008

MPOC Bukit Jalil Cup

The second leg of MPOC was supposed to be in Ipoh- but with political uncertanties and etc they had to cancel the Ipoh venue. When I was driving up to Penang last year with Azlan we were talking about how nice it would be to play in Ipoh as its only about 2 hours North of KL.

So it wasnt that bad that MPOC 2 was switched to KL- just that it kinda boring and I know I'll be playing and smelling the same stinking mud. I was disorganised this trip- we didnt have time to really prepare and we didnt have an extra day to walk the field and I brought up Ryan and his dad. I must say that Ryan's Dad - Mark Stole is the coolest paintball dad I have ever met- anything goes and they're cool with anything even eating nasi lemak at the field. My hat is off to Mark for being such a cool dad.

Ryan played with is a few times but not in a tournament situation- I think he held his own very well. He has good fundamentals and basic skills- he didnt make any mistakes and got a few kills. What impressed me was that he could play any position I needed him to play in and he generally manaked to make the bunker I want him to make. In one of the games Ryan was the last man- he made the kill and ran the flag in with 4 secs to spare!

Big Ben was hot on Sat- he got 3 kills- a hat trick in one of the games I sat out. It was enjoyable to watch him at work- he controlled 3 guys from his corners and long-bowed them all way from the back. Very sweet snap shooting and bunker control. We need everyone to be as hot as big ben on Sat to really make it to the finals one day.

Small Ben has a bit of a hard time- he was under a lot of pressure to perform particularly on the second day when we didnt have Azlan around as an extra man. His marker was down and we had to use one of Big Ben's old IONs. Small Ben make a mistake on Sat which cost us the game and some heated word were yelled at. I think he and everyone in the team learns from mistakes- I am glad we didn't bring the anger off the field. Everyone learns from someone's mistakes- the trick is to remember the lesson and not repeat it.

I had my "game" of the tournament on Sun in our second second round game against the Myrmidons. We had already lost the first against the D'Mercy Kids so I was determined to scroe one back- on the walk to our starting gate I made a switch and called a more offensive game I wanted to go out and shoot them. I guess they were caught off guard- we went out shooting- small ben and jane got shot out on the left which meant I had to slide out to the left corner (without knee pads) and the game went to 3 of them vs Ryan and me. I told Ryan to make his way to the big burger on the right side and he did and they were shooting at him.

There was a snake on my left tape which I spent the whole day shooting at including shooting and loading 2 pods at the same time- somehow I managed to shoot that sucker out. Otherwise I would have gone to bunker his ass as he was pissing me off. As soon as the snake was out I called it and looked to my right and Ryan was the only guy we had left- the other 3 were in the dead box.

So with nothing left to lose I made my move up the tape and wrapped the center guy. All this with wrong hands and weaker eye. I caught the right corner guy off guard as they both were looking at Ryan in the burger. I was in the open twice and managed to clean them up. And for the first time in a long time I pulled the flag- Ryan took the flag from me halfway and hung it. I was really pooped by then but very satisfied with my hat trick.

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