Monday, October 13, 2008

Congratulations to ALL SPNS Teams

Congratulations to ALL the SPNs teams who played in the final leg of SPNS.

There were 15 teams and I think more importantly a few new teams and a couple of the new teams actually cook 2nd and 3rd place. Midlife crusaders and Team Damnation 1 did exceptionally well to make it to the podium. SPNS was won by Carnage who played very well techincaly and played well as a team. 

We had a variation of team styles. The MidLife Crusaders were the most exciting to marshall and to watch for entertainment value because they would charge up to the 50 and 60 on the break and do a run thru and kill 1-2 - straight from the break! Team Damnation 1 played their guts out- a couple of their guys had to be helped out this show guts and determination. I thought the team that was most disciplined was the Wargh guys who often held their lanes very well an kept their opponents at bay and worked to pick them off one at a time.

The younger teams like Kamikaze were good to watch - they played with raw talent and got all the basics right. I thought Kamikaze were a good bet to get a podium finish. It was good to see new boys R.A.G Run Away Gunners - coming and playing well after only just BTO about 3 weeks ago and one of them Faris impressed everyone to be voted the tournament MVP. Big congratulations to Faris - I'm really happy and proud of you.

Team Red Fraction didn't do well in their first tournament - they only won 2 games. The standard of the other teams were much higher and some of the new teams were good. So competition was always going to be tough with the teams they had to play. 

I saw my friend Eugene pull off a nice cross field bunkering move which was really impressive. I told him it was a great move afterwards and he credited "watching lots of you tube and training with Desmond and Gun Grave". So credit also goes to Desmond for training some of the teams to raise the standard of play in the SPNS.

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Eugene said...

woot! it was good and fun experience :) maybe next year i can be part of MPOC, but will see how.. with the new addition and all.. heh