Tuesday, October 21, 2008

NPPL Paintball Championship Video Game

These are screen shots of the upcoming NPPL Paintball Championship Game which is slated for release in November. Since is a NPPL Licenced game you'll get to play in Dynasty's pinstripes and you'll see real logos like JT on the bunkers. You'll get to use 'real'(licenced) gear like Shockers, Magna Loaders and Egos.

You'll be coached by the likes of Uncle Bob and the DN-a-s-t-y boys. It'll also feature field layouts by the NPPL, the Millennium European Paintball Series and even the XPSL.

Activision has announced that the NPPL Paintball Championship 2009 will come out in PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and even Wii by the end of this year - I guess in time for Christmas

Gear up in Dynasty Pinstripes and shoot an Ego with a Magna on top- only in gaming fantasy

Play with real bunker shapes.

Goggle view- it is through JT's Porflex Spectra lens because it has the black sponge outlines the thermal lens! Oh yeah check out the VIBE- comes with Freaks to make it all the more authentic.
(thanks to Daryl for pointing out thats its a Vibe)


gasjatt said...

Great try at doing a videogame on paintball.
Shooter games are pretty easy to aim with the crossair, not like real-life paintball at all.
Hopefully there'll be some aiming system that mimics a real-life marker...

Jahal said...

nonono.. thats not SP vibe. its BL vice.

gasjatt said...

yeah, agree. The signature eye-plate tells it's a boblong

Darlie said...

hey bro, i meant Bob Long Vice! haha..

Anonymous said...

how do you get the dynasty pin stripes jersey?!?!?!?