Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Friend - Dean Apcar of Medway Halloween

Today The Red Sevens and Red Fraction had the pleasure of making a new friend in Dean Apcar who is the Captain of Medway Halloween - team Medway hails from the UK and they play in the Millenium Series.

Dean dropped by the field and spend time talking to us and giving us and some of the other players from the other teams who were lucky to be around some pointers. It was really cool to have Dean around to show us some techniques- we talked about the differences in snap shooting techniques like Maximus's 'roll in' style vs Dynasty's snap in and out style. He also talked about some advanced stuff like how to control corner your opponents on the field.

Dean is a great guy - a great teacher of the game. He came over to the field watched the guys play games and went over to give them some advice after each game. That was really nice of him and I think they guys really appreciate his advice. And to top it off Dean gave us some of his kit - gloves and even a JERSEY!

Dean is rushing back to the UK to cross the channel to get to Paris next weekend to play in the final Millennium Series at Euro Disney World. This is cool man - now I know two Captains who play in the Millennium Series and have another PB brain to tap into for field plans.

Dean - we wish you luck for this weekend in Paris!

Thanks also to Paul Lam who hooked us up with Dean.


Darlie said...

Dude! Thats awesome stuff, I'm sure you know that Medway Halloween is actually doing fantastic in the Milleniums Div 3! Currently placed 1st if I'm not mistaken.

SEBURO said...

Ha - they are 4th in D3 playing M5. They had a couple of 4ths and a 3rd but blew it in Germany. The target is to finish top 5 and try to get back into D1 in a couple of years. They dropped to D3 when they rebuilt the team.