Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have been told that apparently I "stop people from going up to Johore to play paintball".

I categorically declare that I have never said anything nor done anything to discourage anyone from going to up Johore to play paintball.

I am not a Singaporean - I couldn't care less where Singaporeans go to play paintball. If they want to play in my home country of Malaysia I am happy for the guys in JB that the Singaporeans come and support the fields in JB and KL. I don't own any paintball fields in Singapore so it doesn't matter to me where Singaporeans choose to play.

I support the fields in JB - if you send me a banner, map and information to me I will gladly post it in my blog to support you.

Thank you

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ion said...

Sorry to hijack your blog...but I think there must have be some misunderstanding... We (Red Sevens) are very nice people, we smile at people, we talk paintball to people, we say hi to people during paintball games but I think sometimes, you just cant satisfy everyone. For those people who are unhappy about the way we do things, just come and tell us face to face, we can discuss and sort things out. But to say things that are not true is certainly not helping. We are all adults here, so there is always room for discussion. Just treat disatisfaction like adults, talk over it.