Friday, October 3, 2008


MacDev has come out with a golden bolt that even Francisco Scaramanga would love to get his hands on.

This is an 'aftermarket' blot for the Droid - which optimises the air flow smoothes the shot and reduces the kick. And as if the Droid needs to be anymore air efficient- they have gone and make the bolt even better.

They've also made it more paint friendly by adding an 'anti clip' to the blot so it won't chop brittle balls.

Not that the bolts MacDev make are weakings... the gold bolt are rated as 8 times stronger than the stock bolt.

FUCK I can wait what they come up with - with the Cyborg.


Todo Boggy said...

The Gold Bolt is now available @ Pro Paintball Resources @ RM179...i can be contacted @

Alberto said...

could u use on 2007 macdev cyborg the gold bolt