Monday, October 20, 2008


I was not the one that came up with the 'National Team' thing - it was intern journalist Soh Kai Wee from the Straits Times who wrote that "national team" thing in his story on the second leg of the SPNS in June 23, 2008.

I did not agree with his article and I certainly did not think much of his comment about the 'National Team'. I absolve myself from this "National Team" thing.

PAINTBALL - Paintball fast catching on
By Soh Kai Wee


tomohito / EJ said...

i think it started in June 24th lah. And then you had those posts about Captain Backfire.

LIke Gene said, people don't know you and they think they do from your blog...

Only those who have known you for the past 18 years will know who you really are and this blog is really just a stupid mouthpiece that has grown into it's own monster.

People who live their lives based upon what goes on in other blogs and forums really need a real grip on reality.

potosan said...