Monday, October 13, 2008

This a great send up on me and my blog its from an 2004 german move called "Der Untergang" in which Hitler who plays "me". I think its absoutly hilarious and the captions was very well written. It hurt a lot too but I'd give credit to this person who was really creative in the copy writing.

There is an English remake of "Der Untergang" called "The Downfall". In the English version Kenneth Brannagh played Hitler in his last days in the bunker.


tomohitogo said...

yeah man. totally agree.
It's funny standing on its own.
Wonder which one of the PB frat has got the genius to put it all together...

Anonymous said...

haha.. it's hillarious.
Seburo, you got an obsessed fan there.. if he/she can spend hours making the video, no surprise if he/she put your picture under his pillow.. or at least out it on his desktop wallpaper.. Poor thing.
My note to him/her: Get a LIFE you freak!!

GEnemiester said...

Quite funny and you're right, the script is not bad, but don't let it bother you. When the team reaches a certain level, there are bound to be people doing things like this. People who *think* they know you but really don't.