Thursday, October 30, 2008


Ironmen, Tonton and Aftershock C9 jerseys

Here are the 09 Dye sponsored team's Pro Jerseys. The TONTONs jersey is the most anticipated one being the new team to the Dye family...and erm checker pattern?
Checkers is the IN pattern this season... checkout empire's pro jerseys.


noir said...

TonTon's jersey is ugly is a very STYLISH way! WOooo!!! MeLikes...
but i still think they should've printed the Wolverine on it. Bleh..

Anonymous said...

maybe its on the back


- Seburo

vijil said...

Wolverine is Icon not Tonton. There's a vision jersey around somewhere too, and I'm trying to track down the new Nexus Jersey but I can't find any WC photos of nexus.

noir said...

both Marseille Icon and TonTons has Wolverine as their logo, not only Icon.

SEBURO said...

Hi vijil - thank you for you comments.

I have posted the new Grenoble vision jersey- I think its very nice.

Here is some information from a previous post on the Wolverine motif being on both Icon and the Tontons jerseys.

If you do find the Nexus jersey - please post the link in here or email me.

Cheers mate