Tuesday, December 18, 2007

James Grundy

Callio and I met the guy who designed my Cyborg James Grundy- we went thru how to take apart the Cyborg apart- the HPR and the LPR and the rammer and the bolt. He taught us how to clean, re-grease it and put it back together.

I must say I have a lot of respect for James and his brother because a lot of thought and consideration have been put into the design and engineering of the Cyborgs. They put things in like notches in some of the parts in case you can't unscrew them by hand you can get a spanner in to help you get it undone.

They not only designed the Cyborg well- they engineered it well too. There were some parts in the 06 Cyborg that were made of 3 metal parts and to improve it in the 07 Cyborg they made it into one delrin (plastic) part to save on weight and functionality. Really simple brilliant thinking- I love their design philosophy.

James showed us how the new Droid works and its quite impressive the way the the marker is designed- I'm tempted to get one - maybe after next year.

I thought the Cyborg was a relatively easy to maintain and reliable marker but James described the Droid as an "even easier and simpler to maintain marker than the Cyborg"

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