Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Je équipage pour le Tontons


I'm on a French trip at the moment becauee at the WCA I crewed for the Pro team made up from 3 guys from le Tontons Flingueurs, 2 Dynasty guys and a couple other pros. and one of the coolest pros I have ever met in Stephan Brue who is the captain of
Millennium Series Paris Hellwood. Half the team spoke in French and the game calls were also in French and it was very cool and interesting to hear then speak French and call the bunkers in French too "le petit dorito".

I got a Tonton jersey and a Tonton mini bunker which were signed by le Tonton Flingueurs. Also got a few things signed by Yosh and Davy from Dynasty signed too- 2 barrel socks a Dynasty Vlocity, a Dynasty mini bunker and pages if Facefull signed. Will post the goodies tonight on this blog.

I also scored a couple JT lens from Patrick Wobel from Frankfurt Syndicate who was a nice guy to have met.

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