Friday, December 28, 2007

Girls and Boys

I was in KL over the Christmas run up- played with the HW crew and did a bit of marshaling. I must admit that I am getting a bit bored with the marshaling thing. Marshalling and coaching newbies can get a bit boring as I find myself saying the same things and then have it all go out the window as soon as the game starts.

I guess it is because most people are the same trait- it is called Human Nature. They are scared of the paint and they crowd at the back and when there is someone shooting at them all the instructions and things you tell them go out the window.

Paintball simplifies and amplifies human behavior. Everyone goes into self presevation (and panic) mode.
- Everyone will forget things you tell them like how to shoot and how to stand in a bunker.
- Some people will take off their masks in the field despite being told many times not to.
- I am not sexist but girls tend to play more "conservatively" and hide at the back. They play to preserve themselves more than play to kill the opposition. Guys on the other hand go out to shoot.

If you ask me the whole point of paintball is to shoot to kill the guys on the other side. So if you're way at the back and not shooting at anything you're no good to your team. Your team will lose.

I am hoping that girls who read this will prove me wrong. I would really love to meet girl(s) who will go out and shoot to kill.

There was a girl in KL who I "remote controlled" from the back corner bunker I got her to move up into 3 bunkers in a row and got 3 kills in one game- I hope she got the whole idea of the game and the satisfaction of the 3 kills. If I got 3 kills I'd be stokked.

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