Monday, November 26, 2007


Today I realise that a lot of people read this blog and what I say have ramifications - now I know why some bloggers move their blogs etc.

Thus there is some weight on my shoulders I take some responsibility of what I have said. I must say that things are not rosy at the moment - HOWEVER they are not as they seem it is nothing for anyone to be pissed offed at.

Everyone please take a moment and chill. I will sort it out and you will all realise that there is a simple misunderstanding there are bigger things coming our way.

There are big things waiting to happen but I have recently been entrusted with a lot of responsibility and they will have to wait till the right moment.

Uncle Owen was right with that 'great power comes with great responsibility' crap.


ResidentEvilChef said...

"With great power comes great responsibility" — Benjamin Parker, in Spider-Man

It's Uncle Ben. Not Uncle Owen.

CALGAR said...

And aunt beru said: "no luke, please go do your moisture farming instead of hunting wamp rats."