Thursday, November 15, 2007

To Dye or not to Dye

Tried posting this last night but couldnt upload the pic. Anyway its down to 2 designs and whether to go with Dye's C8 jersey on the left which is to iron on a print on a stock C8 dye jersey OR to get a custom made jersey from JT which is on the right.

With the Dye- all of us have Dye gear: googles and pants etc so if we got a set of dye stuff it wouldn't be too far off from what we currently use. Plus the quality of Dye jerseys will be the best with mesh for air flow and elbow pads etc.

JT- the jerseys will be custom made and the design will be unique- everyone will want to buy our jerseys. The sponsorship deal comes with lots of other JT gear: googles, pants, 2 sets of jerseys and Vlocity hopper, cap etc etc.

In terms of design and gear we get- I'm more in favor for the JT deal.

1 comment:

Man said...

Lets go for JT!!!!

You help me to collect $350 each and I will order.