Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New kit

I picked up 2 new kit in KL one was the NXe roller bag which is really great to have- its very big and useful. Has compartments for masks and tanks and shoes, clothing pods and hoppers and even a padded compartment in the cover for and assembled marker.

Evil Chef surprised me with a Dye Team LTZ Dye jersey - the 2007 version is gold (06 is green) but neverless its a nice jersey and I wore it all weekend in KL. I have 3 Dye jerseys now to rotate so I don't wear one out. THANKS DES!

Wrote to the Leonard Lim Straits Times sports reporter and invited him to to come and watch the team play in MPOC JB this weekend. His reply was

"unfortunately this weekend will be very busy for us..perhaps nexdt time?"

I'm wondering what major sports event is happening in Singapore this weekend. The Singapore masters was last weekend and the Rugby Sevens was the weekend before.

How often does he think people organise paintball tournaments that is in easy reach for him to come and watch?

I think its down to his ignorance and narrow mindedness - he wrote an artice about ballroom dancing in Singapore because Singapore has a medal chance in the SEA games- but he wont write anything about paintball- because he has never seen the sport and and wont take the time to find out.

Its something I find with most Singaporeans-closed minded kiasu-ness when I'm trying to introduce the sport to them. Comparing to Malaysians who are the opposite- open to new things jumping into the sport and embracing it. When I was in KL there were a whole bunch of new scenario players - while Singapore is being left further behind. Its going to be another Formula 1 thing where by only after 10 years of Malaysia hosting a Formula 1 Grand Prix will Singapore want to have one too.

Next up- the first Singaporean in space. Why? Because the Malaysians just did it.


ResidentEvilChef said...

Actually I did ask a friend of mine who's a VP in ST about how to go about getting coverage for paintball once. He said to just call the sports desk but that it was gonna be tough unless it was a sport that had wide appeal like soccer or golf.

techno-teekopek said...

All I can say is to keep at it and keep going.
Don't let up.
Everything takes time - don't just let one ignorant fool get in the way.
Rock on!