Monday, November 12, 2007

When we're good we're good when we're bad we suck

On the first day we lost 6 games in a row and won only one. We sucked big time with out Padam Petir - too many silly mistakes and loose play cost us games we should have won.

We played like how we played in the Werdnahol Cup- we sucked. On top of that King's marker was down- he bought a new one Calgar got the same Proto PMR and it leaked out from the box. Nice. My marker had trouble chronoing over 250 but that was ok I managed to kill 3 in one game on Sunday.

On Sunday we had PP with us and things changed immediately - we had a better game plan and I think confidence was the key factor. We had one final prelim game to play on Sunday and we walked that one - it was a sweet piece of cake.

We scraped into the final 16 in 12th place and with 2 miserable wins. We then had to play second round against S2k (who beat us in the prelims)- we beat them and we also beat our neighbours the Myrmidons who came all the way from Terenganu. Our final game was against the Pink Mini bus which we lost. So we went 2-1 in the semis.

What came next was drama- we were tired 2-1 with S2k. At first we were counted into the quarters but on recount 10 mins later (after buying paint and gearing up) they recounted and said that S2k was in by a point. After a while again they recounted and realised that we were on even points. So a one on one challenge. PP was sent in and he tried his best but we got piped at the finish line.

I had a good weekend- Sat sucked but on Sun it was satisfying to get the 3 kills in one game and the 3 wins in a row to almost QF for the quarters.

I think we gained a lot of respect and friends from the other teams- it was nice to have people from the other teams coming over to out tent and sitting down hanging out and having a chat. I wanted to have a BBQ pit- that would have gone down really well.

We also hoped we made a good impression with the Singapore Sports Council reps who were kind enough to take the trouble to come all the way to watch us play- and people like Jerrica who crewed and Calgar and Evil Chef who also crewed and helped us out- everyone contributed to the team. I also hoped Ivan who came from Singapore to watch- also enjoyed the games.

Well onwards to the World Cup- that's going to be one expensive weekend.

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