Sunday, November 25, 2007


Calgar and I were bored so we went to checkout a paintball field near Yishun.

One group had finished and the next group was much later on so we didn't hang around to watch them. There were come cute girls in that group too and one of them had a hit in her neck- I told her to ice it to prevent scarring although there was no break in the skin and 'informed' them that it'll take two weeks to 'go away'.

We did check out the photos of all the local celebrities who played paintball there. Damn lot of suckers - I wish I could play them and shoot 'em up.

Today was a significant day for paintball in Singapore and for the team too - a big day in which we saw the past and the future of paintball.

World Cup is only 2 weeks away - yikkes.

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