Tuesday, November 6, 2007


The field layouts for MPOC Johore Cup is up. AND THERE ARE NO SNAKES.

I'd say its a double edged sword - we and most teams would be used to playing the snake and countering the snake. But with these two fields - the games will be based on individual skill - it'll be heavily based on gunfighting. It a matter of knowing who to gun fight with and who not to. Snap shooting and patience and locking your lanes will be crucial. The bunkers are well spaced out and you have to make your move count. Those who adapt and play their individual games well will make the kills and score the wins.

Play will be generally defensive deep in the bunkers and waiting for people to attack. Its a matter of how much you're willing to risk running for at the breakout. I think most inexperienced teams will sit in the deep bunkers and wait. We'd have to go and get them.

We played a couple of skirmish games in KL over the weekend and got beat. I came away with a lot of apprehension for the tournament. I think most of the other teams will be better prepared- have trained more and played more games than us. We're brining in 2 new players and we'll be missing one experience player and re adjusting the positions. Not to mention markers and hoppers not working properly- to add to the worries.

The team dynamics is new and switching positions will take a bit of getting used to. We won't have the experience of Slow Poke to guide us so the senior players will have to step up and lead the team. We'll need some breaks and luck we had in the JB fitness Challenge. I think they JB teams will be out to gun us for the games.

Everyone needs to settle down and concentrate on their own game and the team game plans. The field walk on Friday will be crucial esp for the new guys

We did have good news that Shaf will join us for 2008- which is not just good news but GREAT news because it really solidifies the back row for 2008.

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