Friday, November 2, 2007

KL this weekend

2007 NXe Elevation Series Executive Rolling Gear Bag

2008 NXe Elevation Series Executive Rolling Gear Bag

Its the night before a PB trip to KL. Have to figure out what gear to bring with me and which bag to pack them all into. I've got the big ass NXe gear bag waiting for me in KL so coming back with everything should be ok. The 08 bag is out already but I think its not that much better than the 07 version

I was smart enough to send gear up with PP on Monday since he was driving back. I still have to take the pads, pants and jersey which had to be washed and dried - otherwise I'd sent them along with my gear to KL first.

The team usually goes after work on Friday night via woodlands-larkin-bus to KL - which is really STRESSFUL and CHAOTIC and an adventure because you're never sure what sort of bus you're going to end up on and where it'll go in the middle of the night. I have the luxury of not working tomorrow so I'm going to cross the border after lunch and take my leisurely time getting on a bus to KL.

I want to avoid the Friday night mad rush and crowd. And I want to get into KL in the evening so I can meet PP for dinner at least and get to my friend's place in a decent hour and not arrive at 2-3am in the freaking morning.

Looks like we're going to try and get as many games as possible this weekend together with Shah and work out the team dynamics. PP got my tank leak fixed on Monday so hopefully all the gear will be in good condition. My repaint-dusted barrel is ready too- all white with a red back. I might pick it up tomorrow if I have the time and bring it up with me.

Here is to 'not spending too much money' over the weekend.

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