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Matthew Nekvapil just came back from Millennium Paris with two trophies with the KL Demonz. Shooting Furious Lotus barrels, the Demonz took 2nd in the Millennium Series Division 3 and as well as finishing 4th in the Intercontinental Cup.

Can you tell us about the new 15 inch tip?
Well, everyone is using either 14” or 16” lengths which seems to be the standard. 16” is pretty long when you think about it, but we even have 17” barrels. Furious paintball continues to bring innovative products to the market and with our almost famous Lotus barrel, we wanted to offer something unique to players.

What is the philosophy behind making a barrel length that is in between the standard 14 inch and the 16 inch? Furious do make 16 inch barrels and if a player wanted to go long he/she can go for the 16 inch. What sort of player do you think would opt for a 15 inch barrel?
The 15 inch barrel is mostly designed for the back player, but the mid player for sure can make use of it as well. A player who wants a longer, flatter trajectory with surprising lobbing accuracy.

In golf, a sand wedge is usually 56 degrees and a lob wedge is 60 degrees. Recently some players have been using a wedge which is in between at 58 degrees which they call a "gap" wedge. Do you see the 15 inch tip as a "gap" length?
Yes! you get the performance of a 14” and a 16” length. It’s the best of both worlds.

What is the performance of the 15 inch like compared to the 14 inch which is the most common length everyone has?
It has a longer flat trajectory and lobbing a ball into bunkers accurately is significantly easier.

Is there a position or type of player you think the 15 inch is more suited to?
Mid to back would be able to use this length best in my opinion. For woodsball, a moving sniper would benefit from this barrel. By lifting the barrel upon shooting, even greater distances can be achieved.

You used the new 15 inch barrel in Millennium Series Paris in where you guys finished 2nd in division 3 and 4th in the Intercontinental Cup. What was it like to shoot the Furious 15 inch barrel at such a high level of competition?
As biased as I am towards Furious barrels, the 15” really takes shooting paint to a whole new level. I usually play back to mid and during this tournament, my main bunker was one of the back temples that was directly opposite the snake. The key bunker in Paris was the snake and usually if a player can get in and crawl up, the game is theirs. The most difficult part about this is that it is not that difficult to get into the snake.

Laning the snake really took focus and determination as a single miss blip and you would miss the snake gun sliding in.

With the 15”, it was effortless to put a lane on the snake to hit the snake guy going in. with the new rules at 10.5bps, it made gaps larger, again making in easier for the snake guy to get in.

What really surprised me and stood out was that with the 15”, it was so easy to lob paint ACCURATELY into the snake bunker that even if the snake guy made it in, they had to crawl up and the 15” on numerous occasions (one being against JOY) where I did manage to hit the top of the pack when the snake guy was crawling up. that was worth its weight in gold.

They were other times where the snake guy managed to make it in and with continual lobbing, I was able to lob paint in and still hit him without seeing him. Just lobbing like crazy into one spot where I guessed he was. As the barrel’s additional length helped with a nice downward lob of the ball, that really got some games for us.

Another nice feature is that the 15” is easier to tuck into a bunker when things get hot, better than a 16”

What colours is the 15" tip available in?

As of now, chrome orange and pink panther pink.

Are the 15 inch tips limited edition or limited production?

A limited run. As it is not a standard length, we have had to adjust the tooling to compensate for this.

Thank you Matt and congratulations again.

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