Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Just thought I'd share some photos from the Taiwan trip- the photos were all taken by Ben as I didnt have a camera on me.

TUES- at Changi Airport Singapore to Taipei

We met Ken Tsuda at the airport before departing for Taipei- we had coffee and talked about paintball of course - which was cool. And I got my Blast Jersey with Kenny's name on the back and this is the actual edition you'll see in the NPPL Game hence the Activision logo on it. Signed by Bob Long, Kenny Tsuda, Tyler Harmon, Zach Long.

Taiwan 101- the tallest building in the world.

In Taipei..we stumbled upon a 'gun shop' - all air soft guns here and there was a GPMG Machine gun on the counter next to us. And and mini 'test firing range' at the back on the shop too!


Me, Kiko and Gerald at Dye Asia in Taichung. We spend 8 hours there on Thursday!
Took us that long to figure out what nickname to print on Gerald's jersey. Thanks to Steven and the crew at Dye-we got our new jerseys on Sat.

THURSDAY NIGHT Arriving at Kaohsiung Station. We arrived to fireworks from the opening ceremony which was a nice touch. There were World Games Stewards at all the train stations to greet you and help you get around. They were handing out care packages- buns and information packs. Being participants in we got special VIP treatment on public transport like 30% off train fares and we get to cut the long queue and go though the VIP queue.


The banner that greeted us at the field. Was nice to see the Singapore and Malaysian flags represented and be a part of it.

The playing field is in the middle of a huge park surrounded by apartments. The players tent were spacious with 12 chairs and 2 tables per team! There is a ice water bin for you to chill your drinks and they even provided the ice blocks too.

Busted by the owner of TNKD! He said he'll send me some stickers and a t shirt. They all had team t shirts on top of their TNKD jerseys and pants.

We wore our Blast jerseys on Friday practice for fun - the Taiwanese guys that shot Bob Longs loved the jerseys. We played a Taiwanese school team- they went 2 up on us and we came back to tie it at 2-2. Ku wanted to practice with us but we'd shot 3-4 boxes and were tired! We watched the Germans roll over Canada and Japan and I knew they'd be the team to win the gold medal.


Team Singapore at the opening ceremony on Sat morning. Steven got our jerseys done up for us in so we could wear them on Sat. L-R Siao Yuen, me, Jane, Arthur, Ben, Gerald and Kiko.

At the opening ceremony with Kiko in front.

With Pony from Taiwan Shocker who played with us last year. He is argubly one of the the best plaintballers in Taiwan and his warm up streatch regimen is legendary- very thorough and very long. We swapped jerseys after the tournament.


Chilling at the Dye booth with Steven of Dye Asia and Ben. Furious Paintball was represented in Taiwan.

We have fans in Taiwan. This is Claire from Dye Asia.

Goofing around at the closing ceremony with Khaine of Team Canada on the left - We had to be wary of the Taiwanese teams behind chucking buckets of cold water over each other.

With Team Ku in my Ku jersey after the games ended. I crewed and coached all their games except when they played against Malaysia. The two in white are taiwanese players and we were signing their tournament t shirts all weekend.

Thats all for now thanks to Ben for the pics and blog spot for enabling me to post them.


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