Friday, July 3, 2009


When I first featured Todd Martinez's 'Hostile Adult' head bands a while ago - we all had a good laugh. I mean who takes Todd seriously.... Seriously.

Well he has had the last laugh and come up with a whole range of HA gear that is pretty darn sweet. The double fist logo is legit- the head band designs are dope.

If you look closely the HA fist logo is actually made up of the letters "HA"- pretty darn clever innit?

Forget the Hostile Kids, HA is the new HK. Josh Davey is wearing the new IN headband of 2009.

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tomohitogo said...

You're right man. The headbands are dope.
When I first saw them - they looked like they're mocking you - it reads 'HA HA'
when they're put so close together on the headband - it looks like a graphical version of brains...
Quite insanely brilliant.
All rolled into one - Hostile Adults, laughing at brains...
i like!!!!!!!!!