Thursday, July 2, 2009

On the shopping list in Taiwan....part 2

I am seriously thinking of it. Got a very good price for it so its terribly tempting. I know somebody else in Malaysia who is going to be blessed with one of these.

For an "Ollie Lang" edition- it is a little let down as I felt they didn't really pull the stops to make the final installment of the Ironmen player edition series the best. I thought they really did something special with Mikko's edition.

The Ollie Lang edition is basically a red/black Ironmen Edition which has an extra Ollie Lang signature etched on the side and a Virtue LED board and the signature chrome back.

I do like the red/black 'stock' Ironmen edition anyway so I guess with the O Lang signature and the Virtue LED (on)board - it's a definite plus.

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