Saturday, July 4, 2009

PARIS UPDATE. Malaysian Teams' Schedules

Inter Continental Cup.
Demons and Ronins are playing big names like the Bullets and Joy.

ICC Tournament teams
1 Assala Libreville
2 Budapest Bullets, Hungary
3 Chilli Peppers Riga, Latvia
4 Johannesburg Dynamix, South Africa
5 Joy Stockholm Sweden,
6 Kuala Lumpur Demonz, Malaysia
7 Macdev Ronin, Malaysia
8 Marseille Icon, France

Ronins are playing D2
Ronins PBW Haguenau v Macdev Ronin
2easy Warsaw v Macdev Ronin

London Nexus v Macdev Ronin

Millenium Trophy Division 3
There are a total of 36 teams in 6 groups of 6 teams.
The 6 top teams from each group and the best 2 best second places will go though to the Trophy Cup.
The 4 second places and 4 best thirs places next base on points will play for the Activision Cup

Raskals are in Group A
JCS Academy
Pantball Academy
Jacks Team
VisioUS Army
They play Saturday Morning/Sunday Late

Demons are in Group E
B4 Amazones
Cani Rex
Demonz Red
They play Saturday Afternoon/Sunday Early

CMX are in Group F

24 power
Chateau Xtrem
R force
They play Saturday Afternoon/Early Sunday

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