Sunday, July 12, 2009

ADDENDUM - Demons Walked Over Bullets

I have to correct my update post on last weekend's results in the Millennium Series on Paris. The KL Demonz were supposed to play Budabest Bullets in the quarter finals but it was in fact a walk over hence the 4-0 score.

I did an interview with Benjamin 'Todo' Yaw who is the Captain of the Demonz and he told me of the walk over on the Bullets- they did not get to play Ollie and Mr U as I had stated.

“Bart got injured during the Intercontinental cup. That is why we did not finished our games there to save the rest of our players for the Paris cup.”
– Viktor Zemen, Captain Budapest Bullets.

I also received an email from Viktor Zemen on a seperate matter and he also mentioned something about the reason why the Bullets pulled out but I didnt realise that it was a walk over until I read Ben Todo's interview*.

[Stay tuned tomorrow for my interview with the Ben Todo, Captain of the Demonz where he tells me about their successful trip to Paris for the Demonz.]

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