Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Miami Rage allows Aftermath players to play in USPL West Coast Open spot!

Aftermath who is normally an XBall team will be playing in Miami Rage's place at the up coming 7 man event. Their spot was not sold to Aftermath and the guys will be playing under the Rage team name.

Art Mendoza revealed in the Facefull interview that Miami Rage are still around and they are lending the spot to Aftermath because Rage couldn't get enough guys to form a team.

“We are not out of the USPL. We still own our spot and are 100% behind the USPL. We just don't have the players to field a team. Our spot is not for sale. Mike and I are great friends and he is doing us a favor by fielding Miami Rages spot with his Aftermath guys. They will still play under the name Miami Rage. They are playing this next event with an open invitation to continue playing in our spot until we decide to come back.”

The other major factor is that being in Florida- there aren't many good teams to practice against compared to being in California. And the talent pool is also significantly smaller as well. so when the team lose a couple of guys to work commitments and illness- it is harder to find guys good enough to fill that spot.

With Aftermath's strong performance in the Chicago Open - I think their participation would be a welcome addition to West Coast Open especially to Aftermath fans.

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For what its worth, that statement and information was originally posted to as an exclusive.

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