Monday, July 20, 2009


The headline should really be "Germany Saves German Paintball" because with the threat of paintball getting banned in Germany, it was important for these 7 guys t come and play and show Germany and the rest of the world that Paintball is a sport that is played and enjoyed by many.

The German national team was mainly guys from Ramstien Insinct who plays in the CPL. From the first pratice game I predicted that they would be the eventual Gold Medal winners because theirs skill and speed were simply devastating. On top of that they are a lean gunning M7 machine. Their game play and mind set is totally in tune in the x ball format. So they had experience and skill to really gun down teams that don't play x ball.

The first game of the tournament was a big match between Germany and Iran Datis. Datis only arrived late the night before and didnt get to practice on Friday. But Datis which their super fast winger took 2 fast points from Germany. The Germans settled and won the next 3 points to beat Datis narrowly 3-2. The World Games opened with an exciting game.

The teams were split into 3 groups of 4 teams with each. We (Singapore) were grouped with the no1 teams in Australia in Sydney SWAT and Taiwan in Taiwan Storm and Team Canada. Our fist game was against STORM who I think was the most prepared and coached team because there were out there walking the field and planning every chance they got. They were fast- the beat us 3-0.

Team Canada was old friend Khaine and a few of his friends who lived in Japan. We re grouped and with words of advice from the Captain of Germany decided to push forward and break out further up front and push up fast. We managed to keep Canada on their back most of the time and at one point I went all the way up the center to bunker the car wash and shoot their back left out before getting lit up my Khaine in the right corner. We won that match 3-0.

We were very happy to get at least one win and we had a long break until our last game whic was against Australia. Australia was fast and aggressive and they played to win. They had twins in their teams two tall but very fast guys. Australia beat us 3-0- we just couldnt hold them and they beat us in gun fighting.

On Sat night most of us who didnt make it to Sunday just chilled outside the Games Village- I was outside till 2am trying to get online until my batt died.

Sunday I got up early and went to the field with the teams who made it to Sunday. I crewed all day starting 5 games in a row for Japan Team Ku, Malaysia Delta Rovers, Germany and Australia. I sat out games when Japan played Malaysia as the guys on Ku were good friends and being a Malaysian I didnt want to crew against them.

I think I must have crewed at least 10-12 matches and my system of laying out pods and using wet towel seem to have been pick up on my other teams. I have fine tuned my system of laying out the pit crew area and I'll write that up later on.

The final game was GERMANY vs AUSTRALIA. The Germans were fast and a efficient xball machine. The Australians were great paintballers and they were the most aggressive team in the whole competition. It was a big battle it went to 2-1 Germany and time ran out the horn sounded and then there was shooting after the horn. It went chaotic after that and there was a heated conversation in the field for about 10 mins. Germany thought they had won because time ran out at 2-1. But Australia argued that its a race to 3 and there was a penalty in favor for them for the shooting after the horn.

I was crewing as we thought we got the win - then suddenly they announced '2 minutes' so we had to scramble and get everything back into the pits and get everyone geared up especially the guy who were still in the field arguing. There was more heated conversation in the Germany pit but the captain called for consentation and they went out and played a close sudden death game. Shot a guy our on the break and just held their lanes and shot Australia out one by one until their last guy.

Congratulations to all the guys on team GERMANY - I had a great time creweing for you guys.

Final result
3rd IRAN Datis
4th JAPAN Team Ku

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