Monday, February 23, 2009



Point by Point play.

Point 1 XSV
XSV opens aggressively with Conrad powering down snake side and Thomas Taylor running diagonally through the center to trade out with Vicious' center back.

Point 2 Vicious
Conrad is shot out on the break. Rich out in center. Vicious stay back with all 5 alive. Vicious takes the second point. We're tied at 1-1.

Point 3 Vicious
Both team break with 5 alive - both teams fill the snake. Conrad gets shot out in the snake. Vicious' snake guy has guns problems but Vicious take this point anyway with 5 guys alive. 2-1 Vicious

Point 4 XSV
5 alive both sides on the break. Vicious lose 3 guys quickly. Conrad gets into into snake. XSV is up 5 on 3, Conrad quickly makes it to the 50 and shoots out the back corner. Vicious gets one guy back but the rest of XSV take him out and tie it up to 2 games each.

Point 5 Vicious
XSV and Vicious lose 2 each on the break, XSV's snake side is unguarded, but Vicious run through on the dorito side and make it 3-2 Vicious.

Point 6 XSV
Thomas Taylor makes into snake 1 and immediately shoots across field and stalls Vicious.Vicious counters immediately into the snake. Anothny is playing behind Thomas and shots out their snake guy. Vicious lose their 3rd guy so it's 4 on 2. Thomas pulls a big move - goes the highway all the way from snake one all the way down field to shoot out their back corner!. XSV ties it at 3-3

Point 7 XSV
TT into snake again - same for Vicious. It's XSV 5 on 2. Thomas is on fire - he has a mirror in the snake. So he makes a play switch - runs from the snake to the 30 temple and shoots out the Vicious snake from mid field. Quick point and XSV takes the lead 4-3.

Point 8 Vicious
TT breaks back corner - bumps into snake with good timing. Vicious counters again with a guy into the snake. Rich moves into the can with JB into the doritos. Rich walks, JB and TT are still alive but its XSV 3 on 4. Dalton pulls the move of the day uses one hand gangsta style to shoot out JB and Vicious tie it up again 4-4

Point 9 XSV
This was a slow game both teams toughing it out. Both teams settled into their spots and just held their lanes. Conrad vs Dalton in the snake and Conrad pulls off the game move and XSV make it 5-4.

Point 10 XSV
Vicious lose 2 early and get a major penalty on top of that. This dooms Vicious with a major penalty going into match point. Its championship point to XSV 6-4

Point 11 Vicious
Vicious amazingly stole this game to go 5-6. Somehow they used up the penalty and got the point but there is only 45 seconds left on the clock.

Point 12 XSV
Vicious have to come get XSV. XSV know this and they have to play smart and stay alive and run down the clock.
Dalton cames out hot- shots 2 and gets into the 50 but gets taken out by Conrad. It stalemates with 12 seconds to go and XSV runs the clock out. 7-6

XSV takes Semi Pro!

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