Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Team Takeover - that's Erno top row in the center

I posted my MSN Chat address and had quite a few requests to be added into my chat. Tonight a nice guy all the way from Lahti in the south of Finland by the name of Erno Kiiski chatted with me for a bit and I learned a lot from this chat.

Erno plays in a team called Takeover which is where Mikko Huttunen came from. Takeover will play in D2 in the Grand Tour in Riga this year. Takeover would like to extend an invitation to any teams who want to visit Finland and hang out and play paintball.

He also showed me pictures from a indoor field in Toijala - called Sparta where he goes to play.

The low ceiling- the very idea of having a ceiling above our heads is quite alien to me- I've never played indoors but I guess it doesn't matter because we don't shoot up anyway.

Notice how the place is so CLEAN? Reball man... that's the way to go. Nice very nice cushioned floors- very nice to dive and slide.

Thanks Erno for an insight into paintball all the way north up in Finland!
I am so happy I made a new friend from all the way across the world tonight.


Erno K. said...

Hi Seburo!

Thank you for posting this. It was a pleasure to have a chat with you! Looking forward to meet you someday and have a beer or two... three?

I can see that it was 3am at your place :)Please make some typo corrections, hahahaha.

All the best! - Erno K.

SEBURO said...

Hey Erno - the pleasure was mine. See you on the chat soon!

I fixed a couple of the typos - thanks for telling me. I slept at 4am and got up at 630 to go to work this morning.