Monday, February 2, 2009


I throughly enjoyed todays SPNS- the standard of the teams have increased a lot with many teams playing at a much higher skill level. From a spectator's point of view - we got a pretty good show with many games going close in the semis and the finals and even a 'one on one' thrown in to settle a final berth to add drama to the day.

I must say congratulations to my teams RED WEST and RED FRACTION for playing so well.

In RED WEST - Ryan, Zach, Gerald and Vincent won first place after dropping only one game in the prelims. In the Semi-finals they won the first game drew the second and lost the third game. The loss in the third semi final game was tough and I thought we were out. But it turns out that we were level on points thus resulting in a one on one situation. Zach had never played in a one on one in a tournament before - pulled off a win with a shot right in the stomach of the other guy.

RED FRACTION played very well too- being unlucky in a few games which threw their concentration off. I think you guys played well and I am just as disappointed as you with some of the losses. But I think there are a lot of positives to look at and you guys just have to play more games together.

Special mention must be said to the guys from Contract Killers. They made it into the finals against RED WEST and I thought played very well all day. So congratulations to Bengiun, Shark Julya the the guys - you have come a long way and have great potential.

I know some of the moms and dads had a lot of fun watching the games. It was a good show today.

SPNS 2009 LEG 1

Winners - RED WEST
1st Runners up - Contract Killers
2nd Runners up- Dark Militia

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Kelly said...

Congratulations to Red West! We hope to play with you guys again soon.- Chak Wargh!Nutz