Saturday, February 21, 2009


The Russians make it to Sunday winning 4 matches straight. On Friday they concluded their preliminary round of games by beating the Bushwackers 7-1 and trashing Infamous 7-0. Thus on Friday night they top the list with 4 wins followed by the Ironmen who have 3 wins in a row. 

It looks like the Russians are making a big come back to a mediocre year in 2008. They will most probably be the challenger to Ironmen's throne. The Russian also have an advantage - by finishing all their preliminary games on Friday - it means they will have Saturday off and will be fresh for the finals on Sunday.

Infamous are going home early with 3 losses. The Hurricanes are surprise strugglers with 2 losses and have a slim chance along with the Dogs and Bushwackers who are tied with 2 losses each. They need to win their last 2 games to have a chance to make it into the last 8.

Results from Friday (top 8 go through)
Legion (4-0)
Ironmen (3-0)
Americans (2-1)
Damage (2-1)
Aftermath (2-0)
Aftershock (1-1)
X-Factor (1-1)
Dynasty (1-2)

Impact (1-2)
N. Dogs (0-2)
Bushwackers (0-2)
Hurricanes (0-2)
Infamous (0-3)

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