Wednesday, February 4, 2009


FACEFULL 65 February is in stores in Singapore. I read Rich Telford's article "Be A Rangler" with much interest as he talks about talent spotting. He wrote about this kid who always rocks up - hangs out at the field - first to arrive for practice and last to leave. In the beginning he wasn't any good - there was nothing special about him. But he hung around - he came and he played the first team guys- he practiced and eventually he tried out and made the team and in the article Rich calls him "a real asset" to the team.

I know this guy and I have met him, his XSV jersey hangs proudly just above my desk in my room. I asked him how he got into XSV and he told me the same story Rich wrote in his article. I really like this guy and I have the biggest respect for his achievements. Like Rich, I too wish every kid who rocks up at the field would be like him.

Rich's point is telling you to be like the Rangler - play and practice hard and you'll get to your shot if you work for it.

I would add to Rich's point, that we've all seen the guy or the guys who come and hang out at the field. They love the sport or the idea of getting into a team of guys who go out and shoot other guys. This guy will buy all the gear - the mask and set up a team. Sadly after a while most of these guys will disappear.

I hope these guys will come back or we get new guys who show up and stay - but for the right reasons. Somtimes we get people who come in with chips on their shoulders and desperate to make a name for themselves. The game is bigger than just one or two teams. Come and make a name for yourselves - do your thing and do it well. I respect your space to do your thing and I wish every new team every success. But don't come and kick sand in people's faces to prove your point and then expect people to respect you.

We need guys like the Rangler- who come and keep coming back and just play. These guys are a joy to watch when they run all over the place and shoot people out.

I recently joined up and I really like Junior's philosophy for the forum - that is to encourage and support people/players with positives. I admit I have my negatives but I will only speak out if I feel it needs to be said. I am old - I'm not going to go further than D3 but we got kids who can go a lot further. I hope the guys I play with make it in the big leagues someday.

So be a Rangler just play and do it well.


Tom said...

Yeah that article left me wondering who that 'kid' was..

If you have the jersey..

Conrad Rangell?

I don't know!

CALGAR said...


SEBURO said...

I knew who it was after reading the article so I asked Junior if it was him and he said yep.

And after writing the post last night I realised that his name is also in Rich's headline.