Thursday, February 26, 2009


ESPN Star has been showing re runs of old winter x-games highlights and this clearly says that they have run out of things to run on ESPN here in Singapore.

Who the frak snowboards in Singapore and Malaysia?

If they showed any one single paintball tournament coverage I'll bet we'd have confirmed viewers from the 250+ registered BTO tournament playing players. That is at least 200 confirmed any snowboarders are there in Singapore? 2 or 5? Thats only in Singapore- not counting the populations of paintball players in Malaysia which must be 200% more.

The Chinese Language Channel 8 recently held auditions for male water polo players between the ages of 18-25 (?) for the upcoming tv drama Polo Boys. Wouldn't it be really interesting if the producers on Channel 8 were not so narrow minded and choose to go with paintball instead of water polo?

Ok granted the producers of Polo Boys know that teenage girls would want to watch half naked boys in their dick stickers (swim trunks). But I'm willing to bet everyone would be willing to watch a tv show where guy and girls run, dive and shoot the shit out of each other.

Yep I'm calling the producers in ESPN Star and TCS Channel 8 narrow minded.

OH and Eurosport too - idiots - for failing to show THE PAINTBALL SHOW last Sunday morning at 8am as clearly stated in the programme guides.