Friday, February 27, 2009


This is so cool- this is such a clever marketing trip. The USPL is asking the fans to vote for the field they want to see at the inaugural USPL tournament at Huntington Beach on April 3-5.

To log in your vote please go toPBNation here.

Field 1 is a real run and gun field with wide open and diagonal snake bunkers. Reminiscent of the Smart Parts World Championship layout way back in 2006?

Field 2 is all about the red zone. There is a dorito side too but whoever gets into the 50 bunkers will lock the other side down. "Looks crazy fun"- Junior Brown

I voted for field 3 because I wanted to see some snake action and there are mirroring car wash bunkers of the other side.

A lot of people are calling for Field 2 because on paper it looks unusual and I would agree that - it looks "sick". But I think field 3 is more watchable as a game than field 1. So far there has been 544 votes cast and field 3 is the most popular.

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Tom said...

i'd love to see them play the U-bunker.. interesting shape. Specially made for USPL?