Wednesday, February 11, 2009

$21,200 IN ONE NIGHT!

Its 3am - I got home at 2 after going to watch a cabaret thing. MY friend's wife supplies the singers with clothes, make up and the choreography. It is not a sleazy joint filled with hookers but a rather small place with 20 ladies dressed up in full ball gowns. Some of the girls are really hot and some are not. Each of them take turns to sing on stage - most aren't all that good at singing - but they mostly look good.

Here is how it works - you like a girl - you send her a tip. It comes in $100, $200, $300 ,$500, $1000, $2000, $300, (these amount she wears a nice sash with the amount on it) then $4000 (she gets to wear a tiara). There is a scepter too I think it comes with the $2000 tip.

The 'star' of the show wasn't all that hot - she had fancy outfits and she had 4 dancers. She came out about 4/5 times to sing. Her total tip from tonight SGD21,200 - that is USD14 grand - in just one night. She sang 5 songs and earned enough money to buy gear and guns for my whole team plus extras.

They work 3 nights a week and a popular girl can make an average of SGD10-15k a night. One not-so-great girl was wearing enough sashes on her shoulders as much as my 1 month salary and she made the same amount in one night. *Sheesh*

Talk about a recession? During the finale when all 20 girls sang on stage- the tips kept flying in- I think the crowd of about 30 people blew 60-80k on tips on these girls. (House takes 30% cut off every dollar.)

Will post photos when I get them from a friend tomorrow.


Bben said...

Can I work there too?

SEBURO said...

Yep- if you can sing and be a compere. The guy compere got about $400 in tips.