Monday, February 16, 2009


[ S E B U R O   E X C L U S I V E ]

XSV's legion of fans will be happy to know that Junior Brown has confirmed with me that THERE WILL BE A NEW XSV JERSEY AT PHOENIX.

"The XSV Jersey will be a new design and the first time anyone will see it will be at the event! Even the guys on the team have not seen it." - Junior Brown

Stay tuned for first pictures of the new XSV jersey. Junior will be sending me pics "as soon as the box is opened at their hotel in Phoenix".

Other team gear are as follows:

JT USA - Goggles, Loaders, Pants, Gloves, Jersey, Some Packs, Gear bags, Fluid Paintballs
Eclipse - EGOs and GEOs Markers
CP - CP Barrel kit, Some Packs
7th Element - XSV Cylinders
Ninja Paintball - Reg’s
Understood - XSV GatWap and T’s
Extreme Paintball Modesto - Home Field - West Coast Paintball Forum
Exalt - Cleats and Feedgate's
JT,Eclipse and Understood - Casual clothes


muffin. said...

whats with the random ass exalt speed feed?

muffin. said...

just kidding. didnt see the exalt cleats and feed thing. imma tard.

SEBURO said...

noobie :P