Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Its official – I am now a staff writer for Propaintball.com. A week ago Justin Mason wrote to me and offered me a job as a staff writer and I was really stokked. Tonight I posted my first 'news' item which is the New England Hurricanes line up for PSP Phoenix. More news bits to come - I have better access to information, paintball manufacturers, tournaments and pro players which is great.

Again I want to thank everyone who supports me and reads my blog regularly. Thank you to those who come up to me in person or write and say they they read my blog or they tell me that they love it. That means a lot to me.

Check it out here

Justin Mason's email to me:
We would like to offer you a writing position on ProPaintball.com to focus on player activity, event coverage, and private label equipment from the pro teams from a neutral point of view. Our approach is to cover the pro sport in a neutral, to the point, no holds barred format. Our current readership is compromised primarily of pro players and industry types, intersperesed with our growing community of fans. We tend to stay away from press-release type of posts, instead recrafting the neccesary pieces to shed new light on the updates.

About Propaintball.com
The sole purpose of ProPaintball.com is to promote the sport of paintball. We work tirelessly to draw attention and share the stories of athletes who grind their hearts out to compete in the sport we all love to hate. We strive to bring you breaking news, event coverage and insight on the sport.

ProPaintball.com IS Professional Paintball. :)


tomohitogo said...

keep it up bro, you'll do fine.

Tom said...


Congrats and well done! And i'm sure you're heading somewhere in the direction with regards to your definition of paintball, ayeeee.


noir said...

Good Stuff Art!
Here's to good Articles!

Junior said...

Awesome man! Congrats!

Justin Mason said...

Welcome aboard Arthur!

Brandon Mason said...


We're very excited to have you onboard ProPaintball.com ! I'm looking forward to an excellent relationship while building the biggest online network for ProPaintball.