Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dynasty's money ends up with XSV

With the announcement of Dynasty dropping longtime sponsors JT for KEE Sports. XSV also announced that they and JT have signed a "Coordinated Team Sponsorship Strategy" co-sponsorship deal with rec ball outfit Blues Crew. JT's stratergy is to sponsor 2 biggest names in speedball and in the rec ball world.

Blues Crew is led by Mike “Blue” Hanse a legend in the recball industy. Only a couple issues ago Paintball Sports Magazine wrote a story on Blues Crew and named Dynasty as ther "sister sposored team". Some of the Dynasty guys even rocked up to a recball event organised by Blues Crew.

I guess its a direct swap for JT - Dynasty out and XSV in. Rich and Junior have indirectly pulled off a coup by getting more of JT's money. Of course not forgetting there are other factors in Dynasty letting JT go such as JT owing them a lot of money etc.

It is a Saturday and I was planing to write a few articles this morning but
I have to go work on a last min shoot. Frak.

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