Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I was standing right behind you when a parent pointed out to me that you were giving hand signals to your team mates who were playing my team in yesterdays SPNS.

It was bad enough you were cheating - it was really bad that a parent had to come and catch you in the act. And it was insulting to us and and FUCKING STUPID OF YOU that you did it right in front of so many people standing BEHIND YOUR SORRY ASS.

We all know you are. I won't mention your name in my blog but I will tell you that I have told everyone I know at the field about you cheating.

So the next time you are standing on the sidelines at a game or any SPNS event - TAKE A GOOD LOOK BEHIND YOU. I will be standing behind you and EVERYONE else will be watching you.

[ If you want to know who this guy is - just ask me when you see me I'll tell you.]


Tom said...

I heard the color is blue.

eric aka cirem said...

LOL... busted big time ya pighead!!! LOL....

Anonymous said...

uhhh.... SUCH A TATTLE TALE!!!>..... STOP CRYING ... HAHAHA.. go get em ARTC!

benguin said...

who is it who is it?!?!?! not me right? pls god don let it be me.

SEBURO said...

Its not you Benguin - you're the RANGLER of Singapore

Anonymous said...

i heard a referee allowed a player to play on but then at the end of the game, that team lost coz that previously cleared player played on after being shot.

then that player filed an appeal but lost. anyone else heard about this?

SEBURO said...

I was there when it happened.

CALGAR said...

To Anonymous:

The player failed to perform self-check on an obvious location and played on. If he was pulled on the spot or pulled during the check, he would still be awarded the 141 penalty.

Mark Wong said...

Why this issue has appeared here has eluded my logic but I feel a need to share my point of view.

I have to state that whatever I will be sharing in the next few paragraphs is not meant to be instigatory or defamatory. I just want to share my side of the story and how I felt.

Here goes,

I went up to bunker my opponent. We exchanged shots. I felt that I got him first because I saw the break before I felt anything. The marshal called someone "out" and my opposing player got pulled.

At that point of time, I had realised that I was painted. I turned to a marshal waiting to see if I was getting called too.

That did not happen.
Nobody pulled me.
Nobody called me out.
Nobody came to give me a paint-check though I stood still looking around for a second or two.
(I would like to state for a fact that there was a marshal in position, in the sidelines, where I was bunkering.)

I then went to collect the flag. I was under the presumption that since there was a marshal there and that after the obvious exchange that I did not get pulled implied that I was "safe".

This was the reason why I was very shocked when I got called for a "1 for 1" at the end of the game.

Which also lead to me protesting the call.

In retrospect, I felt that if I had been pulled in the exchange of paint while I was bunkering, I would not have protested the call.

But to not have been called out and then be pulled for a "1 for 1". I felt that the call insinuated that I was cheating or I had intended to cheat. I could not / would not stand for that. Thus I protested the call in the hope that the incident would be looked into.

I feel that it's also fair to clarify at this point, that my team would not have made the finals even if we won this game.

I had requested for the appeal on the basis of clearing my name.

Apologies for hijacking your blog for a bit.

I filed the appeal on the basis of my personal agenda.

I am sorry that I had raised my voice at you the other day on the field. I was shocked and worked up. I hope you understand.

Do get your facts right before posting a message like this. I had already let the issue be. I really did not appreciate the fact that I'd be obliged to state my stand here.

Mark Wong
Red Fraction