Thursday, June 3, 2010


Our Red Sevens Dye DM9s and special edition NT markers have been specially tuned by Master Fonjen from Taiwan. Fonjen owns over 45 paintball markers and has in depth knowledge of all makes of markers especially the DM9 and NT which are his personal choice of tournament markers.

Master Fonjen's tuning involves finely balancing the throughput and efficiency of the air flow through the Hyper 3 regulator into the marker. The result is a more smoother consistent shot that is more efficient and maximsies each puff of air into the shot thus saving air during the game.

Every one of our new markers have been sent to Fonjen to be tuned and each one comes to us ready to shoot straight out of the box. We take our dye markers into the field with confidence and pride that they have been tuned by Fonjen.

Master Fonjen will be in Clark for PALS Philippines with the Red Sevens in August.

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