Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Take on the Millenium Series Asia

My take on this is some people trying to get a bigger piece of the pie by trying to create another pie. This of course did not go down well with the owners of the first pie as it threatens its existence and everything they have worked hard to build.

Now, my take on this is more of a question. Instead of creating an Asian Series with the Millenium Series- WHY try to recreate another series with the Millennium Series?

There are other leagues like the PSP which has a similar 'race to' format to the Millennium's M7 format. If they wanted to go with the straight up 7 or 5 man semi auto format - they could have approached the NPPL. One of the supporters of the consortium runs a series which is closely modeled on the NPPL with the type of bunkers and referring style.

Personally I don't think the pie in Asia is big enough for two series especially if its going to be a similar 'race to' format. If anything a second series should offer something entirely different from the 'race to' format. If you look at America the two biggest paintball series are different formats. They reluctantly compliment each other and have found common ground to work together somewhat. They both need each other because having two is better than having one. It simply gives teams, sponsors and the sport more mileage.

We all know that the two parties will not work with each other its just not going to happen. Ok that's fine - lets move on. Instead of destroying something to recreate the same thing - why not CREATE something new.

The PALS Organisation is safe - for now. However I think they should not rest on their laurels and instead build upon the recent "endorsement" from the Millennium Board. I'd like to see the PALS Series make an important come back to Taiwan and open new avenues in countries like Indonesia up north to Japan Korea and even Singapore. The middle east have their own PALM Series now, however if PALS gets into more countries then its prestige would draw the teams from the Middle east back to the PALS Series.

The Asian Golf Tour have successful collaborations with the European Golf Tour in by having some of the Golf tournaments in Asia co-endorsed by the European PGA thus drawing European Pros to come out to Asia to play. We could have collaborations between the PALS/PALM/Millennium Series and draw more teams to play in each others league.

Anyway that's my take on this Millennium Series in Asia matter.
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