Friday, October 1, 2010


The RED SEVENS are pleased to announce that PROPAINT will our new paint sponsor.

We are extremely proud to be shooting PROPAINT at all MPOC, PALS and the World Cup Asia. After winning PALS Pattaya/Thailand Open shooting PROPAINT we decided that PROPAINT is a very good grade of paintball. What we wanted was fresh, good quality fill and most important consistent quality from box to box.

With PROPAINT we can be rest assured that we will be consistently shooting high quality paint during our tournaments. PROPAINT are also sponsors of Div 1 teams Demonz from KL and Team Infernal of Thailand.

"Thank you Red 7's, Pro Paintball is proud to have you on as a sponsored team. Wish you guys all the best in upcoming events." - Patrick Tan of PROPAINT.

We would like to thank Patrick Tan of PROPAINT and PROPAINTBALL for your support to the RED SEVENS.

See you all at MPOC 5 and WCA with PROPAINT.

PROPAINT will be available at MPOC, PALS and the World Cup Asia
- Ask for it when you're picking up your paint.

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