Thursday, February 14, 2008


EDIT - Cyril Job sent me a teaser for their 2008 jersey....

I noticed a Wolverine silhouette on the back of the Tonton's jersey so I wrote to him and asked him if the silhouette and the Wolverine in the Icon logo was because some of the guys came from both Tontons and then later formed Icon. They were originally from Team Wolverine which is an old French team.

Here is his answer:-

Hey you've almost guessed it!

Wolverine was an old French team very famous in France and abroad, in 1997 as Wolverine disappeared most of its players went to play for Tonton (Frank, Edouard, Seb, Ziggy...), for my part, I used to play for another team that was often opposed to Wolverine lol. Edouard was the one that designed jerseys and he used to drax a Wolverine on Tonton jersey... I joined Tonton's in 2002 and I designed Tonton's jersey in 2005 (the blue and yellow one) after the departure of Edouard... I went on placing a Wolverine on it, by respect :)
In the end of 2005, most of the Tonton's players left the team and created ICON. And Seb, ex-Wolverine, ex-Tonton, was and is one of us yes.
So we decided to keep the Wolverine because it was part of us and of our History (wolverine, Tonton's) Moreover Edouard designed the first ICON jersey for 2006 and Wolverine was still his signature :)

You know everything now :)

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