Tuesday, February 19, 2008

MPOC Leg 1

It was ironic at the Captain's meeting before the tournament that Paul Lam opened with an apology to any shortcomings that will come during the tournament. I did think of writing about this before I left for KL.

I was going to call everyone to take note of the pros and cons during the tournament and put in writing in the Xtion forum after the tournament. After the problems at the WCA in which some of the international teams ripped into Paul. I too was intent to not let him get away with it again for MPOC.

However after coming back from MPOC there were a few improvements which I was very happy to see and my approach now is to be constructive hopefully we'll get a tournament worth our money.

I wrote a long email to the organisers of the Johore Fitness Tournament last year and my main gripe was about how unprepared they were for the rain and the ensuring mud. By the time MPOC came down to Johore again and was played at the same field - the improvements was great. Most of the path to the fields were on hard ground and all the players tents was on hard ground.

I think this first leg of the MPOC also had a few great improvements - the sheltered tents at each end of the field with a table inside was something I have always wanted.
The air was good all weekend- didn't have to queue for long for air. There was a spectator stand to watch the games.

The only problem were things like making us pay for an ID Tag that that wasn't ready. And aloting 1 table with 4 chairs for a team of 7 people is kinda silly buggery.

My other gripe was the chronos that were inconsistent with the official chronos. They were reading 150-180-200 so people tuned their markers up and at the official chorno booth people were beeping like hell and had to resort to re chrono-ing on the spot.

Do post your feedback to Paul so he can make it a better tournament next round.

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